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All About Android - Episode 24!!!!

We've got a TON of feedback and hardware news, and 3 very cool apps in the arena :)


My first post using squarespace app

I'm using the Squarespace Android app for the first time!



Dump the Netflix disc option when the rate changes in a few weeks or not?  

Dump the Netflix disc option when the rate changes in a few weeks or not? 

There are still so many movies and TV shows that are not instant streaming (on Netflix or Amazon Prime) and it always seems to be the shows or movies I want to watch *now.*  

Take Dexter. Showtime pulled it off from Instant Streaming the minute I finally decided to give it a go. I put the discs in the top of my queue. 

Although I'm spoiled by instant streaming, I found that the break btw each disc was ok. However, the season finale was on a disc all by itself and how in the world was I going to wait a couple of days to find out how Deb got away from the ice truck killer? I bought the finale episode on Amazon streaming for $1.99.

Breaking Bad and Mad Men are other examples of shows I couldn't wait to view in between shipments of discs. Viewing those shows immediately was so satisfying, and we bought the episodes on iTunes or Amazon (whichever had the cheaper option).

Plus the quality of the episodes via instant streaming looks so much better than the DVD.

Yeah, yeah you can bit-torrent, but *someone* in my house would prefer that we view shows legitimately. But I have to admit, I'm tempted!!!!!!

Then there are Netflix movies. Honestly I tend to leave the discs on my coffee table for weeks. I was never in the mood to watch Hotel Rwanda which I "lost" and found again six months later!

I'm definitely moving into an on-demand viewing preference and I think I've just answered my original question.


All About Android Episode 20